Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One little exception perhaps?

From the Post-Gazette's Super Bowl week coverage:

The Steelers shouldn't take it personally, but Bears kicker Robbie Gould hates them. Hates the Pirates, too. Again, it's nothing personal.

"My brother liked the [Miami] Dolphins growing up," Gould, a native of Lock Haven, Pa., and a Penn State graduate, told a throng of reporters yesterday. "So, I wanted to root for a team in the AFC East and I took the underdog [New England] Patriots."

Why not the Eagles?

"No, no," Gould said, "I hate every Pennsylvania team possible. Pirates, Phillies, you name it, Eagles, Steelers.

"I got tired of hearing Eagles and Steelers chants. I like to be unique. I like to be different. We started Dolphins chants and Patriots chants in Lock Haven."

He hates...every Pennsylvania team possible? College must have been a rough four years for him.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, that sounds appetizing.

New Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has selected former wide receivers coach Bruce Arians to be offensive coordinator.

A fan asks the Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette whether that's a wise pick:

PhillyMarty: Ed: What gives the Steelers reason to think Arians qualifies to be OC? During his 3-yr term in Cleveland, even the year they lost the playoff game to the Steelers, their offense was ranked 21st. The other years it was bottom six. I know you were not consulted, but do you agree with this promotion?

Ed Bouchette: Yes. Arians is qualified and it gives them some continuity. He made chicken salad out of chicken droppings in Cleveland.

What?? Salad made of....droppings? Dung salad? Ugh. That sounds terrible. No one wants any of that. Is that the kind of offense Bouchette's suggesting Arians may serve up? Crap salad?
Of course, maybe he was just catering to the tastes of connoisseurs of Cleveland cuisine.