Friday, August 18, 2006

It's so obvious once it's pointed out.

It's not a substantiated news item but an anecdote. Still, Eugene Volokh of the eponymous blog seems a pretty credible guy. Yesterday, I saw this from him:
An acquaintance of mine (whom I've always found quite reliable) reports that when she sought out an egg donor, one candidate donor — a woman who was past the age of majority, and in fact in graduate school — was disqualified by the agency involved because she was ... a virgin. The theory, I take it, is that somehow the lack of sexual experience made it harder to maturely make the egg donation decision, though that sounds pretty odd to me. (The acquaintance stressed that the disqualification was the agency's choice, not her own.)

Perhaps there was something lost in the translation, but, as I said, my source was quite credible. Nothing illegal here, just interesting.
In the comments on that post, many people kicked around various ideas about the reasoning behind such a decision. One person, though, made the most of the moment:

Clearly religious. They want to avoid creating a virgin mother.

Comedy gold.


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