Saturday, June 17, 2006

More from Dave and the clowns

Dave Louapre left a comment on this blog a few weeks ago announcing the introduction of a new cartoon on the BSFUC site. I'm not altogether sure how to feel about this.

On the one hand, it's sort of thrilling that a published author whose work I've admired and enjoyed since I was 15 comes to my pathetic rinky-dink little site to inform me of the appearance of his latest material. On the other hand, not only do I draw too little traffic to have much of an impact, I have less than perfect love for the CCA cartoons.

A Cotton Candy Autopsy was the first volume of the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children" series and featured a bunch of antisocial clowns who bust out of the circus and go wreak havoc. As I recall. It's been a while, and they've taken the scans down. The further adventures of one of those clowns and his two-headed freak show girlfriend from volume 13 stick in my head a little better at this point for some reason.

Each was a good story. But I didn't develop any special affection for those clowns as characters and enjoyed the other BSFUC stories that I read, which had nothing to do with them, at least as much.

Those books were brilliant. The animation that Dave and Dan have created focusing on Nick, Bingo, Addy, Foo Foo, and Joey Punchinello are not brilliant. They are amusing. That gap between what they achieved with the books and what the cartoons are disappoints me. Those cartoons are still worth taking a look at, though, certainly.

There are nits I could pick with the pieces, but there are many funny bits in several of the cartoons that I quite enjoy as well. For instance, the stuff with the random penguin cowboy in the second. The line from the fourth, " ready to shoot some rats, baby?"

Update: Two things. First, a much stronger endorsement comes from a friend who, walking in as I was finishing this post, caught the end of one of the cartoons and roared with laughter. Roared. Which leads us to (the stupidly neglected) thing two: Here's the link. Go and check them out.

Second Update: Fixed a typo in the first full sentence of the first update. Because I hate that stuff.


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