Saturday, June 17, 2006

I Wear My Sunglasses at Nightfly

Emily points to this Nightfly post in which he entertainingly deconstructs the 1984 Corey Hart song "Sunglasses at Night" and tries to decipher the gibberish lyrics. My favorite bits were probably
Those opening bars sound like something Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox cooked up as a gag when they were hung over, then thought about for 2.3 seconds and said, “Ha ha ha, OK, seriously..."
You’re wearing plaid with a flying shade of gold!

Well, that would be a fashion nightmare.
At least until I considered the title more closely. I didn't know what he meant by it until I said it out loud, and then I thought it was damn clever. I think I prefer that other one, though I can't find the whole thing to listen to.

"Sunglasses at Night" is more easily available though. Which leads to trouble for me. My reaction to Nightfly's post was threefold. First, I laughed at some funny lines.

Second, all this attention on Corey Hart called to mind the blog Corey Hart Drives a Fiero, which comes from Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paperclip fame and which is a blog of satirical madness along the lines of the horse hater or Chewbacca's blog. I never meant when I got up this morning (or any day this week) to think this much about Corey Hart, but anything that leads back to Chewbacca's blog is OK with me. Chewbacca invented awesome.

Thirdly, though, I started listening closely to the words of "Sunglasses at Night" to see if I could hear the words Nightfly imagines hearing. (And thanks to Kathy K. for teaching me the word "mondegreen.") Mostly, I couldn't. It's too bad, though, that the words aren't really what he mishears them as, because the actual lyrics don't make any damn sense either. At least his don't pretend to.

Figuring that out, I left the song on repeat. And then I let it play not only while reading through his post and its comments but also while writing this, because it only seemed right. However, Emily's assessment of it as "atrocious" may be fair. It's certainly not a good song. And as long as this sort of stuff takes me, I must have listened to it thirty times straight.

I need to go wash out my ears.


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