Friday, May 26, 2006

Next I'll be banning myself.

I've made a number of comments over at Peter Lynn's Man vs. Clown! blog, several of which were not completely lame. I think my favorite one, though, is the comment yesterday that I retracted almost immediately upon publication.

Not for the pointless remark itself or the misdirected hyperlink in it, but for the decision to scrap it altogether. In a turn of events I did not see coming, my deletion spawned a thread of meta-hilarity. I don't know if anything more will follow, but the first three four comments after mine are comic brilliance I'm glad to have provoked. Even if they are making fun of me.

I have to imagine Lemuel would appreciate the lesson in this. After all, imagine how much funnier the internet would become if I deleted everything I've written.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, just a note to let you know the new CCA animation, "Memories With Nick," is up on the BSFUC site. Tell a friend!


Dave Louapre

2:57 PM  
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