Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Glissandro 70

I really don't have the money to go around buying CDs, but whatever troublesome effect such deficit spending might have, this disc was worth every penny. Really amazing stuff. It just arrived in the mail today, and my first thought was, "Why did I spend the money on this thing?" Then I listened to it and thought, "Why didn't I spend the money on this thing much sooner?"

See reviews here, here, and here, as well as in the blog post that originally led me to the wonderful and haunting song, "Bolan Muppets." The mp3 of that song was again presented, along with further description and praise, here, but it has by now been taken down by each, the latter just in the last few weeks. Perfect. If I could bottle and sell my sense of timing, it would be stamped with a "Sell By" date six days in the past.

Seriously, if you like music that is every bit as creative, obscure, and interesting as "The Number 1 Listen-at-Work Radio Station!" is not, I can't recommend Glissandro 70 highly enough. You can buy it online from Amazon or its affiliated sellers or, as I did, direct from Constellation Records.


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