Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Springtime is a good season for resurrection and new life.

Still in its youth, Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children was killed off over 13 years ago, and though relics of its life have circulated, and it's been remembered and noted by those who knew it, we've waited until 2006 to see its triumphant return. I'd earlier here rejoiced in its author's return to us of his excellent stories, only to mourn their disappearance once again and beseech him to give them back to us in some less fleeting form. Finally, as the clock ran out on 2005, BSFUC writer Dave Louapre posted a comment on New Year's Eve that I read between dinner out and a party, when friends and I stopped back in here to pick up the champagne (OK, Gruet, whatever that is) from the fridge:

BSFUC will live in the Spring.


8:13 PM

Enticed but cautious, I replied the next day,

Details, man. I'm withholding my excitement until I hear a few details.

But evidently when Dave tried to reply here, the software wasn't cooperative. Happily, he was able to tear himself away from the college bowl games to reply to my inquiry on the BSFUC message board:

[I]t looks like Spring will finally bring a multi-book anthology in both trade paper and hardback. Can't say any more right now, but it's with a Canadien publisher. Hopefully it won't fall through.
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children was originally published under the Piranha Press imprint by DC Comics. Here's a helpful listing of all the titles published by Piranha Press. (I think I might still have a couple of Gregory books stashed away back in Pennsylvania in my parents' attic, along with the BSFUC issue "I Am Paul's Dog" and a million old Justice Leagues. I am happily reminded of my continuing need to acquire Epicurus the Sage and Why I Hate Saturn.)

As this Wikipedia article points out, though, DC agreed to contracts giving creator ownership to writers and artists, a situation I understand to have been even more unusual then than now. This would account for Dave Louapre and artist Dan Sweetman being in a position to seek 21st century publication from another company altogether.

I imagine there are stories full of details relating to both the DC end of things back in 1989 and with the current Canadian publisher, but I'll refrain from asking Dave about it until he's able to speak more freely after business is completed.

K'vitsh, a Canadian herself, says, "With a Canadian publisher, all will be well." I think I don't share her motive, but I must share her optimism. This is bound to improve the spring. I'm going to need to start budgeting for the purchase of each volume. I encourage anyone with the good fortune of reading this to likewise to take advantage of this new life for Louapre and Sweetman's creative achievement.

Update (20 July 2006): Turns out she was wrong. The publisher went belly up, and they've got to find a new one now. See here and here.


Blogger K'vitsh said...

Don't despair or doubt the magic a Canadian publisher can cast.

All WILL be well.

10:46 AM  
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