Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How It Is Different

I don't know much Aimee Mann music but I liked one of her songs I heard on Pandora.com, so I went looking for it on eMusic.com to possibly download it and watched a cascade of title discrepencies occur.

Pandora says the song is called "How Am I Different."

eMusic, on the other hand, shows the title as "Now I Am Different."

OK, what about allmusic.com? "How I Am Different."

Terrific. Let's give the deciding vote to Amazon and call it "How Am I Different," as on Pandora.

You know, of all the song titles to keep turning up differently, could there be one more appropriate and self-referential? It's as if the whole web really is run by the Master Control Program that journal-seeking Texan imagines and it's amusing itself with wordplay.


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