Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We Apologize for the Interruption in Service

I have pieces I want to write about Che Guevara, Paul Newman, Jon Stewart and Thomas Jefferson, Campaign Finance "Reform," some of the wackier Supreme Court Justices, what seafood not to eat, the problems with the U.N., some lynchings in twentieth-century American history, a few bioethics issues, and an update to the Bill Finger post.

However, right now I need to hit the road to go see some people about some new employment and also visit my relatives for Thanksgiving, so it'll probably be the 26th or so before I get anything new up. Sorry. If you're looking for more that I've written and haven't read all the old stuff, I encourage you to scroll the archives. And if you're looking for a postcard from the trip, drop a note to the Gmail address letting me know.


Blogger trawlerman said...

I'm looking forward to the Paul Newman post (if it's the actor you have in mind, and not some other).

7:26 PM  

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