Monday, October 10, 2005

Your T-shirt probably isn't as clever as you think.

I read the following on the back of a T-shirt a preadolescent girl was wearing at the Greek Festival on Friday night:
I survived Family Fun Day at Patriots Park.
I understand the thinking behind a souvenir T-shirt for a roller coaster, for instance, that says something like "I survived the Photon Light Speed Moebius Plowhorse Express" or whatever, but...Family Fun Day? The only sense in which that T-shirt could be clever is one far too morbid for a young girl, which is the implication that significant numbers failed to survive Family Fun Day:
I survived Family Fun Day, unlike some unfortunate people I could mention but won't...
Oh, sure, rub it in.

Is this really the message they're going for?

My frequently worn T-shirts are pretty straightforward:
  • One that simply says, in block letters on blue background, "I want the full story." (From Spamshirt.)
  • The only one that really tends to engender confusion, which bears a simplified picture of a camper and the name of this band.


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