Saturday, October 29, 2005

Patterico, Miers, and What Comes Next

Patterico noted today that the Washington Post's reported list of likely nominees for the once-again-open Supreme Court seat is full of strongly qualified candidates, which stands to make the widespread opposition to the nomination of Harriet Miers all the more worthwhile. He notes also that the "current environment" described in the Post article as requiring such qualifications was created through this succesful Miers-opposition and acknowledges his own pride in contributing to said environment.

Which makes now a convenient occasion for me to acknowledge the important work he did on that front. In my one earlier post on Harriet Miers, I somehow failed to mention him, but Patterico was one of the most prolific single bloggers I read on the subject. His insights were important in general throughout the process and of benefit to me specifically. I've read his blog on occasion for a while, but it's one of priority for me by now. I look forward to what unfolds with the next SCOTUS nomination and to what he contributes to the discussion about it.


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