Friday, September 02, 2005

A little less truth in the music, please.

It occurred to me that the first song I ever loved by one of my favorite bands, The Tragically Hip, off their early album Up To Here, has a title that was once starkly poetic and a little darkly whimsical but is now only creepy, sad, and depressing--"New Orleans is Sinking."

I then discovered when I searched my music library something much sadder.

Besides that song and the instrumental by R.E.M., the other song I have with the city's name in its title is one I first heard at Preservation Hall this spring and received on a CD of Bob French's Original Tuxedo Jazz Band when I visited Donna's on Rampart a few nights later: "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?" I do now. I do now.


Blogger Love Kpop said...

Not all are true. Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results.

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