Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Planet Deletion and Infinite Disappointment

Michael Jennings at Samizdata makes a strangely persuasive case for the idea that there are no planets. I found it extremely informative about several matters astronomical.

Also from Samizdata, I discovered This Blog will be Deleted by Tomorrow, where I learned from Lemuel of the Agoraphilia economic analysis of the Islamic martyr's famous prospect of 72 virgins in the afterlife. It goes on long enough to get too specialized for me to fully grasp in detail all of the points he makes, but it starts out very entertainingly with this:
If you were a Muslim, and you died and went to the Muslim heaven, how would you space out your enjoyment of the 72 virgins? Suppose that you actually find virginity desirable, and suppose that the virgins’ maidenheads are not magically restored periodically. If the afterlife has infinite duration, then no matter how long you wait to deflower your 72nd virgin, you’ll still be looking at an infinitely long virgin-less future thereafter.


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