Monday, August 08, 2005

Amnesia with Style!

This guy has to be the coolest amnesia case this century. That sounds heartless in a way, and I guess really is kind of cold. People with amnesia are probably suffering. While I don't really know anything about it, I imagine that we should wish for the full recovery of anyone struck by it. Likewise, anyone who has been driven to abandon speaking has probably suffered some kind of awful trauma.

But still: not only does the "mysterious mute pianist," who's had officials at a Kent (UK) hospital searching fruitlessly for the past four months for any clues to his origin or identity, communicate only by masterfully playing classical piano, this 30ish blond man first showed up April 7 on a beach on the south coast of England "soaking wet but fully dressed in a black suit and tie."

Serious style points. Serious cool factor.

(via the guestblogging Ann Althouse at Instapundit)

Update: Wikipedia has a lot of details of the story so far, pulling together a variety of sources.


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