Friday, July 01, 2005

Boffins, Leviathans, and Zombie Dogs

First, I'm fascinated to discover that research scientists are called "boffins." Is that just in the UK and Australia, or is that here in the U.S. too, and I just never noticed it before? (A terrific Metafilter comment on the word "boffin" here.)

Second, holy crap, zombie dogs!! That's a scary photo. That's what you expect a zombie dog to look like, what you (c'mon, admit it) at some level want a zombie dog to look like, even if it does mean he'll probably try to eat your brains, or at least your retriever's. If I had to bet money, I'd say that's a photo that is totally unconnected to the actual research in question. Attention-getting, though, isn't it? Makes you read that story.

And makes you wonder, too, if it's a hoax. Especially after this. (Debunked here.)

But no. Real as Dolly the sheep. Supporting details about our new best undead friends here, here, and here.

Lastly, unrelated except for the "really weird animal" category they both go under, there's this really big fish. It's huge. No, wait. Actually, it's huger than huge. That's how huge it is. It's extra-ginormous. It's a 646-pound catfish, and it's, oh, looks to me, maybe eight feet long. That's a ridiculous catfish. I also like that the science guy commenting to the media on the giant catfish project is named Zeb Hogan (it's like a movie that writes itself!) and that MSNBC refers to him as "project leader Zeb Hogan project leader." (Because my proofreading never fails. No, never.)

This leviathan found by way of Jeff Harrell who offers so much more over at The Shape of Days. Er, no, not more leviathans, sorry--things such as interesting commentary, wacky non sequiturs randomly appearing with each click on the blog title, and intriguing admonitions to doubt EFF and Slashdot.


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