Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Malia's Restaurant

Malia's in Aiken (SC) is a pretty terrific restaurant. Seems like a good place to take a date, but I'm speculating. Well, from me personally, it's speculation, but Aiken Online, in their 2004 Community Choice awards, named it the city's most romantic restaurant.

All I know is I found the food damn impressive. Of the 5 at my table, three of us had the duck and two the salmon. Duck can be tricky to eat, so I could have chosen better for the convenience factor, but it was expertly prepared and mighty tasty. The salad also was actually more interesting than any other such restaurant.

"Dining in Aiken" uses the word "gourmet" in describing the food there and notes reservations are required for Friday and Saturday evenings. I'm unsophisticated enough not to know gourmet when I see it. That site links to an extremely basic page for the restaurant which points out that the menu changes regularly, which obviously prevents posting it on the web as Bee's Knees and Blue Sky Kitchen do.

This site has a couple of reviews of it in which people mention some of the types of dishes they've had (lamb, pork scallopine, steak salad). One says it's Mediterranean-style. Maybe. I didn't notice that, but I'm not great at noticing things.


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