Monday, June 13, 2005

It's not about the Thetans.

Sheila O'Malley and commenters on her blog pointed to some great scientology resources (especially this and this.)

Back when I settled on a URL and title for this blog, I gave it the title "Just So We're Clear..." for the reasons detailed in this post. But a few times since, and especially since being reminded of it tonight, I've imagined that people might get the idea that I'm some kind of Scientologist, eagerly hoping that I and others can rid ourselves of the engrams and the excess thetans and whatnot, achieving Scientology's state of Clear. (see here and here for more.) It is emphatically not so.

There are various religions I disagree with and some tenets of those religions I have real problems with. Still, that's a whole different deal than Scientology. A "church" that not only peddles wacky ideas cooked up by a science fiction writer but requires you to pay enormous sums of money for them doesn't deserve to be called a religion. A cult and a scam is what it is. It's disgusting, Tom Crusie and his ilk are thoroughly ridiculous people, and I wonder if I ought to change the name on this lame little blog. In order to, you know, make things clear...


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