Sunday, June 05, 2005

Comics blogs

If you're a comic book fan, Suspension of Disbelief is a pretty good blog (and, actually, the first strictly comic book blog I came upon), but it remains disappointing that what started out as a group blog became basically a one-person blog.

I like one-person blogs perfectly well, of course--I read IMAO pretty regularly for a while when it was just Frank J. and not so much since. I think Instapundit is better with just Glenn Reynolds' perspective than it was the once or twice I saw him have guest bloggers. But the point of Suspension of Disbelief is to fact-check comic books ("Comics regularly expect us to believe the impossible. Making the real-world backdrop that they're set against truly realistic makes those impossibilities easier to handle"), so a varied range of expertise and ideas really benefited that. I hope Loren soon finds some cohorts there who can offer as much as he.

I've since found a few other pretty good comic book blogs, though. I especially like Dial B for Blog, but most of the ones he links to on his sidebar are good, too.


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