Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Very Weird Compliment

This post (via Instapundit) struck me as well-written and commendably honest self-portrait of someone who's wasted his last two years slacking and underachieving, which is certainly something I can sympathize with. Empathize, even.

However, people who don't relate quite so much to that are apt to be, instead of sympathetic and impressed with the artful summary, contemptuous of the writer's poor character.

Such is the case with one commenter there, coincidentally named Steve, who said, " Young man, you are just as spoiled and indulgent as you think you are."

In other words, "You have excellently conveyed to me what a real jerk you are." Umm...the post a success, then? The comment a compliment hidden inside an insult?


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