Thursday, May 12, 2005

Snow White Revisited

Michele Catalano shared with me this story she wrote, and I'm glad she did. I think it's pretty terrific.

I'm pretty wary of fiction in general by authors whose work I don't already know but especially that written by people I know as something other than fiction authors. I tend to expect to feel an obligation to like something for the sake of the author rather than the sake of the work.

Fortunately, that wasn't an issue here at all. This would have been a good story no matter who wrote it. Michele can just be glad it was she who did. It's clever, well-written, and enjoyable.

Neil Gaiman also has an innovative and intriguing (no surprise) take on the Snow White tale, "Snow, Glass, Apples," included in the Smoke & Mirrors collection and also performed as a voice play. As I noted to Michele, Gaiman's, Willingham's, and her take on Snow White are each rather different from each other, but someone who enjoys one is apt to enjoy each. I know I do.


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