Friday, April 08, 2005

Mark Steyn says Russia's doomed

Interesting claims from Mark Steyn about Russia:

A lot of places are [doomed]. Russia, for example. It’s midway through its transition from “superpower” to ghost town. Russian men already have a lower life expectancy than Bangladeshis; not because Bangladesh is brimming with actuarial advantages, but because being a Russian male is to belong to an endangered species. By 2025, the country’s population will have fallen by a third. By mid-century, vast, empty Russia will have a smaller population than tiny Yemen. The decline in male longevity is unprecedented for a (relatively) advanced nation not at war. Russia has a serious AIDS problem, though not as bad as Africa’s, and it’s a measure of the nation’s decline that for once nobody seriously thinks the HIV pandemic can be solved with free condom distribution. AIDS, along with extraordinary rates of drug-fuelled hepatitis C, heart disease and TB, is just one more symptom of what happens when an entire people lacks the will to rouse itself from self-destruction.
I tend to trust him, but I very much like cited sources, which he's not offering here. This warrants further investigation. In the meantime, fascinating assertions.

(The column requires registration. BugMeNot comes to our rescue. Also, the column is mostly about Canada.)


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