Friday, March 18, 2005

Speaking of Auspicious Beginnings...

Of course it's not as if I know anything about Blogger, really, let alone Movable Type or whatever, or indeed blogging in general, but I have very much gotten the impression that for anyone who does, Blogger is not the way to go. As long as I am an ignorant neophyte stumbling stupidly into the blogosphere, though, it seems I may as well use for now The Complete Idiot's Guide to Blogging for Dummies: Child's Edition.

So I figured before I dove into setting this junk up, I'd take a look at how a friend of mine, also no expert in this field, handled her blog that she had on Blogspot for a little while last year. It was a sort of experimental novel she found herself writing about a woman in a flood. It had something to do with the superstition about throwing salt over your shoulder, and the title and URL had something to do with salt. Saltsomethingorother.blogspot, you know. Tried to remember 10 months after the fact what it was called and entered Wrrrong. Take a look at that link. That's weird as hell. Really freaky. I'm a guy named Steve, who's only JUST set up his Blogger account, and I discover that? I was thinking for a minute, "Holy Crap, what setting did I have on that made it do that? I didn't ask for a sample. What's going on? Why would I link to MSNBC?"

OK, you know what? I'll be honest; I'm still kind of thinking that. I live in a world of paranoia. At this moment, I'm unsure of whether everyone else sees the same thing at site as I do. (Or would see, if I had any readers. Yet. [He adds optimistically.]) I, the village idiot, remain unconvinced that Blogger wasn't/isn't just giving me some kind of, well, sample blog. It does say "Sample Blog" right under where it says "Steve's Blog." This would be very unsettling, because I don't like Blogger doing things for me that it's not telling me it's doing. Mostly, I was, and am, thinking it's just a reeeally weird coincidence. But I also sort of feel further research is required. And then maybe a change in the template here to whatever site design best conveys outright paranoia.

[Incidentally, my friend's site was]

Then-- this: Because I expect the hypothetical reader of my site to often react with, "What? If that's new information to you, if that's what passes for insight around here, you must be ignorant or stupid, or both," I wanted a blog title that would stipulate at the outset that I'm not that bright or knowledgeable so that no one has to get annoyed or upset or insulting when they discover it. The title "No Expert" seems to concisely and directly convey that, but go to the URL with those words and you get this. Whatever else one may say about its content and writing style, that's a blog that hasn't been updated since its very first post, seven months ago. Thanks a lot, M. Night Jordan.

(I whine, but for all I know I'll end up changing the title and URL by the time I've got any readers.)


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