Saturday, March 19, 2005

So I think that's settled.

OK, so I think the URL and title question ought to be resolved. After using initially the title "No Expert" and the URL, this is the new deal. And here's the backstory:

I used to work in Customer Support for a particular software program (The Raiser's Edge from Blackbaud), and a co-worker of mine and I would make fun of how freakin' long-winded I am.

"What are you grinning at over there, Lewis?" I'd yell at him while I had the phone muted between making my interminable points to some poor client about how best to use the program. "You're thinking to yourself, 'He sure is a windy bastard, aren't you?'"

"You windy bastard," he'd say, and I'd go back to expounding how really to get the most of the Query module in six times more detail than the client actually wanted. Some of the time, of course, the client wanted me to solve problems that were actually hard. Sometimes the question was so simple there was really nothing to say. But sometimes I could tell that the client didn't really know how to use the program as well as she thought she did, and after answering the actual question, I'd tack on some extra explanation, beginning with "Just so we're clear here...."

It became the key element is Lewis's impression of me: "Just so we're clear...."

I am long-winded and will surely be so here, expounding all manner of subjects at unreasonable length. And my defense, as always, is that I just want to make everything clear.

UPDATE: Settled?? Yeah, right. Changing the URL yet again.


Blogger Steve Ely said...

Looking back, I can't remember at all what the URL may have been after the title was "Just So We're Clear..." but the URL wasn't yet "" Altogether appropriate, then, that I entitled the next post, "Ely Confuses."

1:46 AM  

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