Saturday, March 19, 2005

Photographic evidence is often a bit shocking

A. That's what Jim Geraghty looks like?

B. Islam is not my religion of choice, but, boy, can they do a good mosque.

C. Two points on this: While I was once in Istanbul at age 22, I once missed what amounts to a date with an appealing Turkish girl due to confusion, doubt, and--I'll say in my own defense--a poor telephone system. [Cop-out. Could've kept trying.] So while I can't reach any worthwhile conclusions about the specific women in Geraghty's photo linked herein, I can sympathize with his general point about Turkish women. Also, here's a confession of which I'm rather ashamed: I ate at least once at a McDonald's in Istanbul. Man, it seems more than a little wrong to eat at McDonald's in the USA. But in Istanbul? I am appropriately full of shame.

Update: The word "shocking" in the post title and the italics in the first word of the post were bad judgment, as they may imply insult. For whatever degree to which that comment was or appeared derogatory, I certainly apologize. He's a perfectly normal-looking guy, which means he's better looking than I am, and it's reckless as well as ill-mannered for me to say anything that could imply otherwise. Mostly, though, I remain, if not shocked, distressed, I think, that he appears to be about my age, rather than reassuringly a decade or two older. The troubling reality of how little I've accomplished is brought into focus when I compare to the accomplishments of people my own age.

I've e-mailed Mr. Geraghty to convey essentially the above.


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