Thursday, March 24, 2005

Minimally conscious?

I'm pretty confident Michael Schaivo and George Felos would suggest--and perhaps even now are suggesting--that this document is flawed and unreliable. But certain parts of it are heartbreakingly compelling.

Neurologist Dr.William Cheshire had the opportunity to examine Terri Schiavo after allegations of abuse and neglect were made this month but does not in this affidavit himself accuse Michael Schiavo of any malice or wrongdoing. He only speaks about the condition of her brain and the possibility of consciousness.

To a certain extent, it seems sometimes that Dr. Cheshire treats as evidence the same kinds of behaviors he earlier discounts. But I'm no neurologist. Certainly numbers 5 & 6 on pages 4 and 5 make a pretty convincing case for her experiencing pain, or more. Pain, he notes, is inconsistent with PVS.

I'll be very surprised if Terri Schiavo is alive this time next week. But she should be.

(affidavit via The Corner, where Kathryn Lopez excerpts some key paragraphs here and here.)


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