Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lynn Swann for Governor?

Last time I voted, it was in Pennsylvania. But I tend to move around and have weird circumstances and stuff and am unreliable, so I might like to vote in the next PA gubenatorial election but can't say if I will. Nonetheless, the prospect of Lynn Swann running on the Republican side against incumbent Ed Rendell is certainly intriguing.

Though I gotta say, this guy at Slant Point describes the Cowboys who got their butts whipped by Steelers dynasty in the 70s as the beloved team of his childhood. I'm a few months away from 29, and those Steelers championships were while I was a toddler, really--younger than four. He's got a photo posted; is he really that much older than I?

Anyway, I sure wouldn't mind finding some actual stands on policy issues by Lynn Swann.

Update: Question mark added to post title. So far, this is only a possibility, not an endorsement.


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