Friday, March 18, 2005

Keep mouth shut or prepare for foot insertion?

Though I can't predict specifically how yet, I'm probably going to regret this whole blogging effort altogether, or at least some aspect of it, eventually. I tend to regret so much that I do and say that it seems especially like asking for trouble to say what I'm thinking to every person in the whole world who feels like reading it. I feel no small amount of trepidation. Stuff on the web doesn't really go away, and the whole internet is far more complex than I grasp.

On the other hand, I tend to regret even more many things that I haven't done. So we'll call this step at least Action over Inaction. There are things that I'd like to say. The urge to express one's self isn't something I fully understand, frankly, but it is something that gnaws at me. More importantly, I like to think, there are things I want to understand and to learn, and writing is valuable to that end. Putting thoughts into words is essential, I think, to thinking rationally, and organizing my knowledge and ideas into paragraphs forces me to confront how little I really know and why I think what I think. The hope is that this endeavor will allow me to improve both my writing and my knowledge and understanding of both blogging itself and multitude of subjects that I'm interested but lack a decent grasp of.

I anticipate discussing many topics at a level well beneath the expertise of many hypothetical readers. That [at least right now] doesn't bother me, and it shouldn't bother said HRs. I write about such matters, including the stunningly elementary bits of information therein, to educate myself more than them (you?). I'm no expert on much of anything, but this project will hopefully be a more useful outpouring of words than the talking about nothing that goes on so much both on the web and in life.

Bear with me, Hypothetical Readers; I haven't even learned a thing about HTML yet.


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