Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blank Spots

While enumerating in another post my areas of ignorance, it occurred to me that my key hope with this blog is to fill in all the myriad blank spots in my knowledge. So, since I'm looking to change the URL anyway, I thought maybe I'd try blankspots.blogspot. Nope. Taken already, and not just that, but like noexpert.blogspot, it was never updated after the initial post nine months ago. Aarrghh. C'mon, people. If you're going nail down the URL I want before I get to it, can you at least use the damn blog?

Update: Holy Crap. At least less than 2 months ago isn't AS bad as seven or nine months, but I got to thinking that since my principal goal here is to know more, and to help others to know more if it works out that way, I'd try toknowmore.blogspot. Come. On. It's another single post. January 24th [of this year, at least]: one post, and that's it. Unbelievable.


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